About TuneDig

If you love music and you’re tired of being let down by the recommendations of algorithms and “experts,” you’ve come to the right place.

TuneDig began as a little something called MusicGrid.me, which we created after realizing there was no place online to directly exchange music recommendations with your friends. Our aim was simple: to make rating albums simple, useful, and social. We got some love from places like MashableWiredEvolver.fm, and Hypebot. We managed to foster conversation between music lovers, get thousands of reviews, and meet great people.

Along the way, we realized that record stores were an essential part of the music lovers’ community. After many a conversation about how we could helpfully connect them to the people who loved them, we began helping them leverage technology to create new revenue streams and embrace streaming services without giving up what’s unique to them: expertise and curation. (Long live the counter clerk who knows exactly which record will be the right introduction to jazz fusion!)

TuneDig is our renewed vision to connect music lovers with the music they love, because no matter how much has changed in the way we discover and enjoy music, recommendations from people you trust and respect will always be the best way to find new music you’ll dig. Starting with content, we’re channeling the spirit of trusted curation pioneered by record stores, and bringing you what you need to know about music and technology with 100 percent authenticity (we’re fans, too, y’know) and zero candy coating.

We’re continuing to partner with record stores, building technology that helps them reach the music lover of today and tomorrow. We’re even developing some new ideas of our own.

No matter what: it’s about the music. You can quote us on that.

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