Tunes We Dug, 2016 Edition

However glad we may be to see this year go, one thing's for sure: new music in 2016 was an embarrassment of riches. We listened to a lot of it, and we'd like to capture a snapshot of the year by sharing our favorites. 

Because lists are a slog to work through for writers and readers alike, we've each compiled playlists of our choicest cuts. Feel free to @ us with trash talk about 'em.

We'll see y'all at shows and around the crates in 2017.
XOXO, the TuneDig team


Cliff (@CliffSeal)

2016: the year everyone blamed everything bad in their lives on a number that represents a unit of time recognized only by our brain's inability to understand the quantum. Time does not exist. Here is some music.

Kyle (@KylePStapleton)

In a historically unpredictable year, one thing felt consistent: artists poured themselves into their work as if it were all they had. When I look back on 2016, I want to focus on the bright spots, remembering these high-water marks as a reminder of mankind’s possibilities – a year of people at their very best. Beats the alternative, y'know?

For an in-depth breakdown of Kyle's favorite music in 2016, visit his blog Good Ol' Boys.

Collin (@Cpierce85)

2016 proved to me that even though I make it a point to actively seek out new artists and try my best to listen to as much new music as I can, my favorite albums have continuously been recommendations from my closest friends. My goal for 2017 is to not get caught up with consuming as much as I can but to allow the right stuff to find its way to me.

tl;dr: music is cool, let it happen.